Popular Services

Flat Repair (includes new tube)$20-$35
We'll inspect your tire and replace a punctured tube, plus show you easy inflation techniques to keep you rolling.
Tune Up$79.00
-Check and adjust front and rear hubs
-Check and adjust bottom bracket
-Check and adjust headset
-Check and adjust front and rear derailleurs
-Check and adjust front and rear brakes
-Wipe down frame and wheels
-Lubricate chain, derailleurs, brake calipers, brake levers and all cables and pivots
-Safety check all other components.
(Does not include replacement parts/installation)
Drive Train Cleaning (stand alone)$60.00
Drive Train Cleaning (w/Tune Up)$55.00
We'll remove, inspect and clean your crank/chain rings, chain, rear cogset and front and rear derailleurs for like-new operation.


Rim Brake $15-$18/ea
Mechanical Disc Brake $18-$25/ea
Drum or Roller Brake $25-$30/ea
Bottom bracket$15-$20
Derailleur (front or rear)$15-$20
Hub (front)$15
Hub (rear)$24
Wheel truing$15-$25
Spoke and tru front wheel$20-$25
Spoke and tru rear wheel$30-$35

Other Services

Box to ship (includes box)$55
UPS Pick Up Fee$10
Assemble and tune-up (new bike)$80-$250
Shipped bike reassembly$59
Shipped bike reassembly w/tune$89
Frame swap$150-$200
Suspension fork overhaul$80
U-lock removal (In Store) $25
U-lock removal (House Call) $45
2-Bike Thule roof rack $42
4-Bike Thule roof rack $60
Wheel Build (up to 36 hole)$50
Wheel Build (40 & 48 hole)$60
Tubular Tire Gluing$30-$60
Disc Brake Rotor Truing$15-$20

Parts Installations

Parts Installation (Includes removal of existing parts and installation and final adjustment of new parts)
Bar ends$10
Bottom bracket$25
Brake cable$15/ea
Brake cable w/housing$20/ea
Brake caliper (v-brake)$15/ea
Brake caliper (side pull)$15/ea
Brake lever (ATB)$14/ea
Brake levers (road) w/wrap$24
Brake pads (side pull)$12/pair
Brake pads (cantilever)$15/caliper
Brake pads (V brake)$15/caliper
Chainring (Double) Inner/Outer/Both$15
Chainring (Triple) Inner$18
Derailleur cable$15
Derailleur cable w/housing$20
Derailleur (front)$20
Derailleur (E-type, front)$30
Derailleur (rear)$20
Fenders (full length)$20
Fenders (snap-ons)$14
Freewheel/cassette/spoke protector$10
Grab-on grips(for drop bars)$20
Handlebars/stem (ATB)$20
Handlebars/stem with wrap (road)$36
Handlebar tape$15
Handlebar grips$10
Threaded headset/fork$40
Threadless headset/fork$40
Hub axle or cone nuts (front)$25
Hub axle or cones nuts (rear)$30
Seat or seat post$10
Specialty wheel lacinginquire
Shifters (pair) (SPD or ERGO)$54
Shifters (Rapid Fire or Grip Shift)$28
Shifters (down tube)$24
Tube or tire$10
Wheel (front)$15
Wheel (rear)$25

Accessory Installations

Cyclometer (dual pickup)$24
Cyclometer (Shimano Flightdeck)$35
Rear Rack$15
Rear Rack (spring type)$15
Bottle cage$5
Fenders (snap-on)$12
Fenders (full length)$25-$30
Child carrier$20-$25

General Services

Major Tune Up$79.00
Drive Train Clean (standalone)$60.00
Drive Train Clean (w/Tune Up)$55.00
(We'll remove and clean you drive components (chain, cassette, front and rear derailleurs and cranks) in an industrial solvent tank, lube and re-adjust.


Includes removal, inspection, cleaning/replacing, re-assembly and final adjustment of:
Complete overhaul (Sept-Mar Only)$199.99
Bottom bracket$25
Hub (front)$20
Hub (rear)$25


Shop Rate$60/hour

Prices are subject to change without notice. The printed price list located at our service counter supersedes all other price lists!

Shop rate applies to all milling, facing, reaming and other cutting jobs and for frame/fork alignments.

Services not explicitly listed will be charged at the hourly rate.

Rusted or seized parts requiring additional time will incur additional charges based on the hourly rate.


Some minor repairs and tube installation are done on a while-you-wait basis. Most services, including tune ups, require that your bike be left with us. Quick turnaround times of about 1-3 days can be expected, except during the busy season (April through August), when repair times may be longer. Next-day service is available for scheduled service appointments. Call our service department to schedule your appointment.


We offer a 30-day warranty on labor. Parts carry original manufacturers warranty. Ask our staff about manufacturers warranty details.